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Crypto Pro was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and a lofty objective: to create a blockchain/crypto event that exceeds expectations, while leading the way for the industry.

Every idea starts with a problem.  Ours was simple: blockchain and crypto events are disappointing.  We were building ventures in the industry and needed a platform to market our work to the broader community.  After spending considerable time and money attending many events and conferences around the world, we were left feeling like we just attended a lot of very expensive and time consuming social gatherings.  The content was too broad and unfocused, the audience demographic was narrow and the investors who did attend were in much smaller numbers than advertised and not ready to write checks.  Nearly everyone we spoke with had similar experiences.  Where was the quality?

It turns out there was a simple explanation.  Event organizers were more focused on advertising the largest event metrics possible (such as number of attendees, number of investors) and weren’t originally from the blockchain or investment communities.  They were doing events for the sake of doing events to generate a profit.

We started Crypto Pro to solve this problem.

By focusing content on the professional’s needs across many market verticals, inviting all our friends who are already interested in investing in the technology and leveraging those contacts with our own deep events experience we’re able to provide higher-quality, better experienced blockchain and crypto events at a more reasonable price point.

We believe industry events should be richly valuable and fun.  It should leave you happy, more educated (eyes wide open) and filled with new possibilities.

How Crypto Pro Is Different

Truly Interested Investors

Our events boast attendance of large numbers of deeply interested investors who want to write checks. They include institutional, family office, fund managers, fund allocators, ultra high and high net worth individuals, venture capital, hedge funds, fund of funds, limited partners and private equity.

Non-Endemic Audience

Our events attract a wide audience of professionals who are researching, experimenting, working with or developing cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technologies like blockchain from a massive cross section of industries.

Professional, Focused Content

Our events content is geared toward to professional and their specific needs. Keynotes, Panel discussions and Roundtables are all centered on educating and informing our audiences on the state of the industry, what are the most important issues and revealing a breath of new possibilities.

Our core competencies

Our Experience Goes Back To The Beginning

We were first developing with Bitcoin and blockchain technologies in November 2009, when a friend discovered the whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto and needed a business and development partner to create a new project.  By January 2010, we were creating one of the world’s first Bitcoin exchanges in a surfer’s beach community called Ocean Beach in San Diego.  We have been in love with the concept and technology ever since.

Deep Connection To The Investment Community

We are over three-decade veterans of the hedge fund and family office investment industries.  Even before the invention of Bitcoin, we started out alongside some of the most recognizable names in tech, finance and startup today who are now active in the space.  We are members of the investment community and can speak to it in a way that others cannot, facilitating buy in, engagement and exchange.

Proven Large Scale Events Track Record

For many years, we have created, developed and managed large-scale events around the world for well recognized organizations like Google, Alphametrix, Startup Grind, Context Summits and others.  We have a history of exceeding expectations and delivering great experiences.

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